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What is a Life of Service?

What is a life of service? We normally assume that a life of service is a life of unselfishness, a life of giving to others. But the SC says, THIS IS NOT SO! See how my client's higher self orchestrated these lives for her to learn this important lesson...

1st life: Colossal space station. Client is “pink creator energy” guiding various systems which are unaware of her. The client experiences visions of a self-contained, collaborative city with workers on an enormous chrysalis, which is being broken open. SC protects client from seeing the “insect” which is being hatched, as she is not ready for that image.

What was the purpose of this ife? : To remind client of the large impact which “soft” energy can have. There is an intimate connection with the creator to every aspect of creation. Nothing is too small. Her "little pink energy" might have seemed insignificant, but it was vital to the creation of the insect.

What client learned from this life? : To relieve her anxiety about “outcome.” Just play your part, no matter how small it might seem. There is a larger picture and an inter-connectedness of all we cannot always see.

2nd life: The “pink” planet. Another quadrant of the universe where the sky is more pink than blue. Client is a humanoid man living in a house with a central energy core. We visit a celebration day with lights in sky. Telepathic communication between people. For work, client makes healing lights (conscious color therapy) which people place on various parts of their body for pleasure and healing. The client received healing from these lights as we placed them according to “his” directions.

The humanoid offered me a magenta lamp to hold near my heart. He also suggested that I use these tools with my clients.

At deathbed, he is surrounded by his loving family and go towards the light.

Purpose of life? : to learn “simple simplicity.”

What was learned? : to enjoy a simple life.

3rd “space”: Taken by current out into vast universe of choices. Called to Milky Way for next life.

SC / Higher Self came through very clearly, no nonsense. Wanted client to see that “seemingly unrelated parts can be intimately tied.” (pink energy and workers/chrysalis). The earth weighs client down- remember lightness! Ease!

-Use breathwork for health and alignment

-Be in nature more

-get out of “head” for fewer headaches

-let go of outcomes

-be at ease

-place lights on yourself as directed for meditation or before sleep (I would make a request for them to work all night!)

-place a turquoise bubble around partner for healing, more elliptical than round)

-tell partner to put "breastplate" down; he doesn’t have to fight anymore. Let go of sense of punishment.

-“Pay attention to energy beneath the conversation”

-practice forgiveness of self and others. “What appears to be forgiveness of others is really forgiveness of self.”

-help partner with that which you enjoy doing and no more

-write when bored and path will unfold

-eat more greens. Sugar is too often taken for comfort.

And here were the beautiful final words from the SC: “A life of service is NOT a life of servitude. Service is both giving and receiving.”

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