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Choosing a Practitioner

I am often asked, "How do I know which practitioner is the right one for me?" This is a great question, and it might even be the most important question when looking for the best experience with a QHHT session. My first response is always to say, "Well, if you were intuitive enough to find Dolores Cannon and QHHT, trust me: You are intuituve enough to find the BEST practitioner for your session!"

There are fabulous QHHT practitioners all over the world. No matter where you live, there are no doubt multiple people you can go see. What is the first step? Look and see who is local. Then start to use your intuitive senses as you explore websites, photographs and welcomes. Some of you will feel an immediate pull towards one practitioner; some of you will skim over the suface of the names and sites without finding any foothold. As you explore, in geographically ever-widening circles, TRUST YOURSELF to know what is right for you. Call and speak to the practitioner; this should give you your answer. How soon do they respond to an email? In my opinion, it should be within 24-48 hours. If they are on vacation, or away from their computers for whatever reason, then hopefully there will be a message to this effect on their site or on their answering machine. If you need help right away and they cannot respond, then maybe they just were not meant to be your practitioner. Fate, in its kindest way, will always aid you. Go with the flow of feeling and intuition which feels right.

The channeled entity, Bashar, often speaks about "permission slips." Permission slips are what we give ourselves as a stamp of approval for a healing method. One person might say, "Eating orange food on Tuesdays and green food the rest of the week healed me!" Another might say, "Reiki sessions healed me." Another might say, "I meditated my way to health." ALL HEALING IS SELF-HEALING, and so therefore the "way" that we heal, including the person we choose to hold open that sacred space needed for the healing, comes with a "permission slip." You have already found the healing method you wish to explore in QHHT, and that is one permission slip. And so finding the right practitioner for you means finding the next permission slip.

With whom do you want to go on this journey? Have a wonderful time exploring and finding the right path for you.

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