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Affirmations Everywhere!

The powers that be must have known that I needed to experience some irrefutable affirmations in the work I do, because I have been receiving so many sychronicities, and what I can only call "evidence," that even the most skeptical part of me is floored.

Yes, I keep a very healthy, skeptical eye on this hypnosis work. How can I not? I have clients who have driven space ships on pink planets, six-foot tall green or brown praying mantis beings loading boxes of crystals for shipment, mermaids, forest fairies, little boys hiding in pyramids during sacred rituals, a gentle giant from the Inner Earth with no I need to go on? And those are just the most unbelievable ones. I've also had clients in almost every war on our planet...fighting, killing, being birth...avalanches and in palaces and be-headings. Dolphins, talkative fish, whales, trees, bees, even grains of sand who have meaningful lives.

Every blade of grass has a story. Every drop of rain. After a while, as Dolores often said, what isn't true? Even when she thought the limits of her imagination had been reached, Dolores's guides would tell her, "Oh, we haven't even started yet. You've just seen a crack in the door."

So affirmations help me enormously. In the last month, I have had three major affirmations.

#1: Two clients, from vastly different walks of life came to see me a couple of weeks apart from each other. One was a highly successful lawyer from the city and the other was the owner of a health spa in the suburbs. When I asked each of them during the conversation with their subconscious (higher self) what their planet of origin was, the answer was exactly the same. This was a planet I had never heard of, which the clients had never heard of, and which is not in any literature I can find. What was interesting to me was not just that their planet planet of origin was named, but that it was the same obscure planet. Were these sessions orchestrated for the skeptic in me? Why did I ask for the planet of origin, as this is not a question I regularly ask? Are the star families from this planet awakening at this time?

#2: A few months a go, a client came to see me with some very serious health problems. At one point in the session, she went to a futuristic, "modern" house with books covering all the walls of the rooms. There was no one in the house to help her, so I suggested that she pull a book off the shelf which would contain information and healing for her. No matter how many books she chose, she could not read them, as the words were obscured. This kind of situation is fairly typical when clients are resistant to their own healing. I have to find another approach to healing which they are willing to accept and integrate. So I then suggested that the door bell would ring and someone would be there to help her.

Indeed, the doorbell rang and a young man came to the door, 30's with brown hair parted on the side and an ill-fitting beige suit. "He's kind of goofy looking," she said. They sat side by side on the couch and he began to work on her with what she called a "ball and a ruler" balancing her energy. My understanding was that one of the instruments raised her vibration and the other lowered it, bringing the cells into balance. He performed a sort of ballet with these tools. At one point he told her his name, which was a very unusual name, and one we would not expect to hear. When he was finished, he said he had to go and did not want to answer any questions.

A few weeks ago, another client came to see me, and when she "died" in one of her past lives, a male angel came to greet her and take her to a healing temple, where transluscent beings began to work on some healing for her in this life. The brown-haired male angel stood at the head of the table overseeing the work and keeping the woman company. He offered his name to the client, who shared it with me, and he was the same healer who had come a few months before. I asked him if he were the same man who had come before and he said, "Of course. I like to come to your sessions and help you with your clients." I asked him where he was from, and he said, "I come from the Hall of Akashic Records." Same name; different look.

I have since called on him for healing, both in sessions and out. I look forward to his next visit in session. How will he appear next time? And in what form?

#3 And this is by far the most stunning of all the affirmations for me. The client was a very brave soul who has been through multiple traumas and illnesses, struggles. As a "volunteer" at this time on the planet, her initiations have been staggering. I will no doubt write up her full session very soon, but for now I will stick with this small part: the client longed to know where "home" is for her in the universe. With no hesitation, a guide came through loud and clear. "Hello, I am ______ from Arcturus in the Bootes constellation." Her voice was different from my client's voice, lighter and even chirpy. She explained that she was the client's spirit guide and took us through the decision to come to earth, the life's purpose, and a plan for moving forward.

When we got to the healing part of the session, I asked her if she would be willing to do some healing. "Of course!" she chirped. "Oh, her chakras are in threads!" She mended these and then said, "Now we have to get them spinning." How do you do that?" I asked. She giggled. "I blow on them, of course!" She was so enthusiastic in her work and so energetic, I asked her if she could blow on mine too." "Of course!" she said. Then she began to giggle. "That's funny," she said. "You have a purple crown with diamonds on your head!"

My mouth fell open. About two weeks before, I had experienced a distant healing with someone from across the globe. She sent me a 30 page write up about the session, and at the very end of the write up, she said, "I have placed a pyramid shaped diamond crown on your head to aid in communication with source." This was after having placed the purple light around my entire body as a protection. There was no way the client could have known about this crown. I had taken the distant healing session with some skepticism, but had really been feeling lighter since that session.

As far as I am concerned, in that moment when the guide mentioned the "crown," three things were confirmed all at once: The spirit guide (from Arcturus!) was "real," the distant healing I'd had was "real," and QHHT (which I already know is "real") brought all these elements together! Since then, the client has done much research on Arcturus and discovered that the mothership circling our planet at this time has the same name as the spirit guide who came to see us.

I will never lose my "reporter" self, but these last few weeks have been wonderful. I really do love the affirmations and I think all of us as practitioners of this "leading edge" technique need affirmations at times. At least I do. So thank you to source, to my guides, and to my wonderful clients!


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