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*Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique  (4-6 hours) - $555.00 

(recording included)This session includes an interview, a regression, and questions.
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*Distant Healing (1/2 hour) -$88.00 &  (1 hour)-$111.00
Distant healing can be offered to anyone or any situation. Depending on the circumstances, we will align the best possible method for accomplishing healing

*Tarot Card Reading: 30 mins. $55.00

Each reading is individually designed for the client.  A general reading may be done, or a more specific question may be explored.  

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*Consultation, healing energy or well-being hypnosis (1.5 hours) - $155.00
This session includes an interview to determine present needs, with an appropriate healing session to follow. Includes help with PTSD, abuse, trauma, and unhealthy habits.
* Telephone/Skype/Facetime intuitive counseling: One hour - $111.00


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*Other sessions offered include Reconnective Healing, Group Past Life Regression, Access Bars.  Please contact me.: 443-994-9403 or

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