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Crytal Discs for Healing

At the end of a recent session when I began to work with the SC (Subconscious/Higher Self), I asked for a scan of the body. We do this to discover any imbalances or “dis-ease” in the body which might need healing. The SC will do all sorts of things to re-balance or eradicate the troubled areas. White light, scrubbing, pulling out, sucking out, sweeping up, bringing in a helping guide or healer, healing rooms with healing intelligence: the list goes on and on.

But today, rather than the usual scan of the body and the assessment of bodily challenges, followed by a clean-up session, the SC said, "I am going to use a crystal disk."

I asked if the SC could explain.

SC: "I have a thin crystal plate that I move through the body from the head chakra down through all the chakras.”

Me: “Are you healing as you go?"

SC: “So much more than that! As the disc moves through the body, it reads information, senses every part of every cell in the body; it knows everything. And so it re-aligns and clears any imbalances. Cleaning all aspects of the body from the inside.

You may also use this disk on yourself and others. Take it from the top and slowly bring it all the way down to the feet. It knows what to do, so all you have to do is ask it to heal and see it moving through the body. When you are finished, let it dissolve and release into the earth.”

I have been using this disc when I feel called upon with clients. Sometimes, rather than using a clear disc, I will chooses what feels like the needed color.

What a beautiful tool from the SC!

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