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Two Kinds of Healers

An older woman came to see me with advanced breast cancer.  She knew nothing about healing hypnosis or past life regression, but some of her friends had gotten together and gifted her a handful of experiences in the final months of her life. 

She was not at all upset about her diagnosis or her upcoming death.  By the time she came to see me, the worst of the medical treatments, the pain, the shock, were over.  Having come to terms with the outcome of this illness, she was at peace.  Her face was lovely and open, her smile bright.  A colorful scarf cover her bald head.

“I’m not looking to get healed- I’m not crazy!” she said.  “I’m just enjoying each present my friends gave me.”

The lifetimes were fascinating.  She was a cryptographer on the west coast of California during WWII; she was a half robot/half human hybrid working on a spaceship.  They then took her to her mother’s womb and her birth, to allow her to feel the kind of love and comfort she was born from and into.  Finally, we visited her first grade classroom from many years ago on a hot day in Texas.  The room was full of little boys and girls the client had totally forgotten about, but as the scene clarified, she began to remember all their names and personalities.  What struck her finally was the young age of her teacher.  “I thought she was so old!  She’s practically a teenager.”

Truly the mind is amazing: a 24 hour a day recorder of all our experiences.  Nothing is wasted. 

Just as I was beginning to wonder why we were visiting the classroom, the recess bell rang and all the children jumped out of their seats and ran outside.  The air was sweltering, the grass was dry and brown, and the swings rusty and their chains uneven.  The client remembered the thrill of recess and then the inevitable disappointment when the playground was yet again a disappointment.  The children began to play tag, the only viable option given the circumstances.

As they ran about, my client all of a sudden exclaimed: “Yay! Yay!  Here come the trucks!”  

All the children froze and turned.  Coming towards them were two trucks shooting fog out of their rear ends in great billowing clouds of dense white.  The children ran behind the trucks, dancing and free, twirling and giggling and surprising each other through the blinding white.  

“Oh this was our favorite time of the week,” said my client.  “It was the only real fun we had at school.”

At the end of the session, we spoke with her spirit guide who explained why each of the lifetimes we visited were important for her to integrate.  When I asked why they had shown her the first grade class experience, they said, “We thought she might like to know how she got her breast cancer.  Those trucks were spraying a very toxic  mixture.  And even though it was poison, she took on that cancer in joy.”

Indeed.  This news gave the client a kind of peace and feeling of joy.  But there was one more gift from her spirit guide:  “We want to thank you for your bravery in taking on this illness, for you have become a master healer.”

I was confused by this comment and asked them to elaborate.

“The way we see it,” they said.  There are two kinds of healers in this world: those who choose to go into the healing professions- doctors and nurses, energy workers and teachers, etc.  They heal by intention. And then there the even greater healers: those who take on illnesses.  They heal far more people and have a wider influence, for though they may not always heal themselves, through their illness they teach and heal those around them. When you take care of someone who is sick you learn lessons of patience, of kindness, of empathy, Through your own bravery, you teach others to be brave. In this way, your illness becomes a gift to all those who care for you."

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t remember these words. 

              The client died peacefully in her sleep a few weeks after our session.


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