How to Remove Implants

When I was working with my guides before my client arrived, I was told that she had an implant in her heart which must be removed. I do not have experience with this specific kind of work (aside from asking for implants to be cleared), so I asked the guides how to do it. The response I got was, "We will remove the implant during the session." Oh good, I thought. Eezy, peezy! They will do it all! Well, not quite so simple, but very wonderful nonetheless. When it came time to the healing time with her Higher Self, what we call the Subconscious, or SC... Me: "I understand "Fiona" has an implant in her heart which needs to be removed. Has this been done yet?" SC: "There is a lot of dark e

Am I Making This Up?

Am I making this up? No, you are not. That is the simple answer. During a “past life”regression, some clients can feel as if they are making up the images and settings. Others never hesitate for a second, tasting and feeling the total authenticity of their experience. I have also felt “imaginative” during parts of my own regressions, and practitioners and clients alike talk about this phenomenon. But the reason you are not making it up is probably not what you think it is. Take a moment now and consider what might be a new, and somewhat mind-blowing idea for many of us, including me: you cannot make up anything in your session because you do not have an imagination; you only have memorie

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