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When Pigs Fly

Affirmations sometimes come as a wink from source. A client sent me this image after her session. We had experienced a multi-faceted adventure exploring her past lives, from a coachman during the time of Marie Antoinette, to an unhappy pharmacy owner in England at the turn of the century; from a farmer in the French countryside, to a young immigrant girl in New York City. In-between these solid lifetimes, the client had images of fish swimming through water and of seeing through hay. At the end of one of the lifetimes (the grumpy pharmacy owner), as he/she ascended into spirit and was moving towards the light of source, I asked him/her if anyone was there to greet them.

Client: This can't be right. It makes no sense.

Me: It's OK. Just tell me what you see.

Client: I see angels, but they are pigs with wings! Why would angel pigs come to this man at his death?

At this point, we were both laughing and I suggested she just go with it. At least she had escorts!

About a week after her session, the client stumbled across this stone pig when she was shopping, so she snapped a photo for us. Also, in listening to the recording of her session, she realized that she had been a pig lying in the barn with straw loosely covering her. The pig angels made perfect sense after that, and we received a lovely validation of the session.

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