What is a Life of Service?

What is a life of service? We normally assume that a life of service is a life of unselfishness, a life of giving to others. But the SC says, THIS IS NOT SO! See how my client's higher self orchestrated these lives for her to learn this important lesson... 1st life: Colossal space station. Client is “pink creator energy” guiding various systems which are unaware of her. The client experiences visions of a self-contained, collaborative city with workers on an enormous chrysalis, which is being broken open. SC protects client from seeing the “insect” which is being hatched, as she is not ready for that image. What was the purpose of this ife? : To remind client of the large impact which

A Cave of Healing

I had a really interesting session a couple of days ago. I took the client to a cloud from which she could travel to past or future lives, and the cloud transformed into a spaceship before it could take her anywhere! She jumped around from place to place in her little spaceship, looking for an important place to stop and look at, and examine. She could not hang on very long to any one image or place, but finally she arrived in a village where she understood her role. This village, was a place "in the past." Primitive and away from other villages, this was a special place which people would travel to. The sick would come from miles around to the “cave” there for healing. She wasn't "in c

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