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Living in Fear

What an amazing session! A very clean lesson, so creatively taught by the SC. Okay, here goes:

Client was a recovering alcoholic, one who had been through the depths of every horrible circumstance addiction attracts. She is almost 30 and has been sober for 5 years. Despite her sobriety and engagement in AA as both a leader and student, she still carried terrible anxiety which was diminishing her life every day. She came to see me for a QHHT session to help her with this crippling anxiety.

The first life found her as a little boy, 4 or 5 years old, in a frozen landscape. Dressed in furs, no family or community near by, he was carrying a bow and arrow. She believed the boy had walked away from his village, hoping to bring home food. Paralyzed with fear, he crawled into a cave and died.

The second life found him as a young, strong Indian brave riding a horse at top speed across some grasslands. He was chasing a group of gazelles with a spear. Realizing he could not outrun the pack, he climbed a tree to plan a fresh attack. He waited patiently, and finally jumped down and caught a gazelle unawares. He killed the animal and gutted her, offering the heart the the sky, to the earth. After that, he tied the animals legs together and walked back to his village, where he was greeted by his children and pregnant wife. Everyone rejoiced that he had brought home the food which would nourish the village.

When we spoke with her higher self, or subconscious, at the end of the session, the entire focus was on the difference between living in fear versus living in love and passion.

Me: Why did you show her the first life?

SC: In that first life, it was when the earth was still frozen. The boy was very close to his village, but because he was so frightened, he became paralyzed in indecision. When we are in a state of fear, we block our access to our innate intelligence. He paid with his life. If he had been able to change his thinking about the situation he was in, he would have found his way home.

Me: What about the second life?

SC: We wanted her to see what it felt like to be in the flow of total passion and faith. He knew that he would catch the animal. When there is faith and love, our innate intelligence flows freely.

We did go to two more lives, but that’s another story!

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