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The Next Step for Humans...and an Exercise!

The Next Step for Humans...and an Exercise

When two clients, completely unknown to each other, give me the same information, I definitely take notice.

Both clients were successful in relaxing and entering the hypnotic state. We explored past lives and an “off-planet” life, before I asked permission to speak with their “subconscious.” They each had very confident “higher selves” who spoke with authority.

According to them both, the next step in human development is that the two “halves” of our brain will join as one. We now have the paradigm that most individuals tend towards being left brain (logical, pragmatic, task-driven), and others right brain (creative, improvisational, holistic). Often men are seen as more left-brained, and women as right-brained.

As we learn to move through our days making decisions, interacting with others, doing our jobs, what is apparently going to happen is that we stop needing to think about what we want because we enter a kind of zone when everything just falls into place before us. As we use our whole brain, the world before us becomes what we need for our highest good, before we even consider our next step.

The higher selves who spoke of this said the next step after this state is what some achieve now through meditation and channelling: entrance to the unified, universal mind. Then we are truly living in the “field.”

We were given an exercise which will help bring the two sides of the brain together. I have been doing this exercise and I find it incredibly soothing and calming. Visualize a sideways figure 8 on across the length of your forehead and simply begin tracing this infinity sign gently, over and over again. It should cross at the middle right where your third eye chakra is located. No set number of times or frequency was given.

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