Affirmations Everywhere!

The powers that be must have known that I needed to experience some irrefutable affirmations in the work I do, because I have been receiving so many sychronicities, and what I can only call "evidence," that even the most skeptical part of me is floored. Yes, I keep a very healthy, skeptical eye on this hypnosis work. How can I not? I have clients who have driven space ships on pink planets, six-foot tall green or brown praying mantis beings loading boxes of crystals for shipment, mermaids, forest fairies, little boys hiding in pyramids during sacred rituals, a gentle giant from the Inner Earth with no I need to go on? And those are just the most unbelievable ones. I've also

What Is Grief?

As I was getting ready for a QHHT session by communicating with my guides, I got an interesting, if ambiguous, message. One of the questions I ask first during my preparation is this: "Why is this client coming for a session?" The "why" of this question is not so much why the clients think they are coming, but rather what the higher purpose is from Spirit's point of view. In this case, my guides said, "She needs a healing of the heart." When I asked what kind of healing, they answered, "A loss." I asked for further clarification, but all I got, no matter how many ways I phrased the question, was one word: "Child." So many possibilities ran through my head. She lost a child. Or maybe sh

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