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Yogananda Visit During Session

During a QHHT session recently, the client paused in his recounting of the past life he was exploring and let me know that Yogananda had appeared to him. Yoganada gave the client a message first, and then this happened.

Client: Yogananda has a message for you today.

Me: Thank you. I’m very happy to receive this message and thank Yogananda for coming to our session.

Client: The message is this: Prepare to be of service. Prepare to lead your brothers and sisters from fear. There will be much misunderstanding of difficulties ahead and many people will be brought into the trap of fear. By (your) example, by living in Love- by (openly expressing this example you will facilitate) helping others to not live in fear (but rather) to trust in Love and one another. It is these difficulties that are necessary to catalyze the opening of the heart chakra-the (effect being) expansion of humanity. Everyone who is here at this time is being given the opportunity to experience what some might call difficulties, but in hindsight they will realize they were nothing short of (self-desired) wonderful opportunities. Overcoming fear is the lesson, and similar to (referencing as discussed at length earlier in this session) observing signs, simply recognizing (by opening one’s self to seeing in the loving example of others) that fear has no purpose and cannot be the answer will allow people in mass to move beyond fear, to embrace Love. They will find comfort and support in one another, but this will not come easy. Those of you who are put in this realm at this time must recognize the IMPORTANCE (as defined earlier in the session) of this role; for it is to be assumed without your assistance fear will rule the day. (i.e. people will be caught in the trap of fear and miss the opportunities being afforded).

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