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Walking Into The Sea...

The creativity of my clients and their guides/SC never ceases to amaze me. This work can NEVER get old, outmoded, or BORING!

So my client was a young woman who suffered enormous trauma as a child, physically and mentally. An alcoholic father and absent mother made it impossible for her to feel safe.

She came to me because she kept having dreams and visions of a little girl, trapped in various situations. The one commonality these visions had was that the girl was crying out for help. Client works with a German New Medicine practitioner who told her to go to a QHHT practitioner, because she thought this little girl might be from a past life, and might need help going back to source.

So we set the intention for the highest good of the session, and if we might find out what the visions were about, then all the better. Client came to a small island by boat, (she was scared of the cloud because it kept rocking, so I took her back to her beautiful place on the beach and suggested a boat of some kind would arrive to take her where she needed to go). At an abandoned beach, she began to walk and explore. After a time, she began to see the little girl in the woods, hiding in and out of the trees. After much convincing, the girl came forward shyly. The girl put her hand on the client’s chest and showed her an enormous THORN in her heart. The client understood at this moment that this girl was a part of her from earlier in THIS lifetime. As it so often happens during trauma, a fractal of the soul will “splinter off” and go into hiding until it is safe to return to the body, often with the help of a shaman. This is what had happened with the client.

The girl said she would not come back into the body until it was healed. They prayed together, holding hands, and pushed the thorn up and out of the heart. The client described the thorn as having “layers of rings like the inside of a tree.” At the center of this thorn was a tender, green blade- a healthy root, which they left intact. The layers had been added rings of hardened pain from all her years of suffering. Now, we needed to bring the girl back into her body. I knew traditional shamanic tools for how to do this, but I thought it would be better to call on her higher self to ask what to do.

“We will all walk into the ocean together,” said the SC/client. Holding hands, the younger and older versions of my client went into the ocean. They disappeared from sight. After a while, the client said, “We are dissolving and becoming colors, swirling in the water. The ocean is healing us.” The colors reformed back into the client as she is now, with the child absorbed fully back into her. She walked out of the water feeling powerful and healed.

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