A New Kind of Library?

I had a beautiful session today with a client who visited a life as a monk in a brown robe, whose job it was to care for all the books in his library. He saw himself leaning over the ledge of a balcony with a staircase on either side, and two LONG rows of books. Me: What kind of library is this? Client: We have ALL THE KNOWLEDGE in the world here. All the knowledge. He began to cry. Clearly, this was not an "earthly" library. Client: It is so beautiful, so beautiful! It turns out there are three ways to read the books- 1) Become ONE with the book. You simply have the desire and you ENTER the book and you become the book and it becomes you. 2) Open the book and observe the book come to life

Crytal Discs for Healing

At the end of a recent session when I began to work with the SC (Subconscious/Higher Self), I asked for a scan of the body. We do this to discover any imbalances or “dis-ease” in the body which might need healing. The SC will do all sorts of things to re-balance or eradicate the troubled areas. White light, scrubbing, pulling out, sucking out, sweeping up, bringing in a helping guide or healer, healing rooms with healing intelligence: the list goes on and on. But today, rather than the usual scan of the body and the assessment of bodily challenges, followed by a clean-up session, the SC said, "I am going to use a crystal disk." I asked if the SC could explain. SC: "I have a thin crystal pl

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I will be posting stories here of what happens in some of my sessions and also thoughts along the way as I explore the world of Quantum Healing and living. Dreams, encounters with fate, synchronicities and more. I will not be writing every day, nor will I write about every sessions, but I will a faithful reporter of what feels right to report.

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