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A New Kind of Library?

I had a beautiful session today with a client who visited a life as a monk in a brown robe, whose job it was to care for all the books in his library. He saw himself leaning over the ledge of a balcony with a staircase on either side, and two LONG rows of books.

Me: What kind of library is this?

Client: We have ALL THE KNOWLEDGE in the world here. All the knowledge.

He began to cry. Clearly, this was not an "earthly" library.

Client: It is so beautiful, so beautiful!

It turns out there are three ways to read the books-

1) Become ONE with the book. You simply have the desire and you ENTER the book and you become the book and it becomes you.

2) Open the book and observe the book come to life visually as it parlays the contents into you. He saw the cosmos and stars and planets spinning, etc.

3) Read the book.

When I asked the monk if there was a particular book my client might need to see, he went and got it. The book had my client's name written on the spine in block letters. He opened the book, but then hesitated.

Monk: "There is too much negativity to show him. This will not serve him."

I asked him to use his good judgement about how to handle that and he thought for a minute and then said, "I am dividing the book into two parts, the bad on the left and the good on the right. I will show him the right."

We then went through with reading the "good" side of the book, and the client gained much information about the important tasks he has already completed and the inportant tasks he will be completing in this life. There was no need to visit the "bad" parts of his past and how he got to where he is today.

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