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The Elohim Choir

Wonderful session today! What at first was a seemingly "frustrating" experience for me- 40 minutes of white fog and nothing else after coming off the suggesting, urging, supporting, praying silently- and still client just seeing "white." For a brief instant, a wall appeared and I asked her if she was in the white pyramid of protection.

“Yes, I am protected.” Not exactly a confirmation, but the white was warm and nice, very loving, so I suggested she just feel it and enjoy the sensations.

My client literally just lay there experiencing light and healing for over an hour. Each time I asked her if she wanted to move to another place, the response was a definite NO. Her eyes were tearing up part of the time, and she would sigh contentedly.

Whatever she was experiencing was invisible to me, and yet it was obviously so beautiful for her. So I sat in the quiet and also basked in her light show.

After a while, the client began to realize she had moved to, or was already in, a "Dome of Healing." After enjoying that for a while- goosebumps and warmth- I suggested we move to the next destination. A cloud would not appear for her, so I suggested that she find a door. She found a hallway with light streaming in and followed it for a long time to...another temple filled with white light! This one had Roman columns and a ceiling that went on forever. She saw herself as a cloaked white figure sitting in the "lotus" position on the floor.

“Ecstatic” is how I would describe her state. After much time absorbing, filling with light and healing, she saw a golden spiral vortex swirling up into the "ceiling." This is where her ecstasy became even more apparent.

She stayed absorbing light and after a while, heard the word "Elohim." Then the singing began. She listened to it in rapture; tried to imitate it for me. We both sat in this healing space for quite sometime. There was no need to ask the SC many questions. Her purpose in this life was to hold and spread light.

What I realized in hindsight, was that her SC/Higher Self had taken her to a temple of healing where her vibration was being worked on so that it could be raised to the point where she could hear the Elohim Choir. What might have looked like a pretty “ho-hum” session of just sitting in the white light, was actually as profound as this work gets. Her ecstatic response to the healing and the music of the choir was absolutely a joy for me to witness.

After a really difficult session two days ago in which the client died two horrible, tortured deaths, this healing felt as if it were as much for me as for the client. Thank you to the Universal Love that surrounds us and blesses us.

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