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MLK Assassination

Wow. I was just blown away by my session yesterday. My client is a pediatric emergency room nurse with PTSD from seeing so much trauma. Particularly, the child abuse cases which come to the ER. She was having an especially hard time recovering from a 7 year old girl who arrived to the ER "dead" but they had to go through the motions of trying to save her. She cried all the way through her interview and said she had only a few friends because she was too emotional for them. She wanted to find a new, less stressful job.

Her first life was very happy- a wealthy young woman in England with a beautiful family. We went from her time as a young girl at a wedding in a horse and buggy, to standing in front of her "mansion" as an old woman refusing to get into a shiny black car with her beloved grandson. "I'm not getting into that modern car!" She died surrounded by family, giving her grandson her father's pocket watch. How amazing to take someone from a life where they rode in a buggy to a life when cars are on the road!

Next life found her standing on a street corner in the midst of rioting and fires. She kept hearing "Dr King is dead!" As she looked around, she said she was in shock and couldn't move or speak. So I took her back earlier in the day to when she woke up. She lived in a small apartment with her young daughter and worked as a "domestic." She wore a wedding band but had no husband. We moved forward to the riots and it turned out she got off a bus, and then heard the shouting and news of Dr. King's death. She dropped her shopping bag from one hand, then she let go of her young daughter's hand in shock.

The daughter disappeared. I moved her forward and she was in a hospital, covered with soot and in disarray. The nurses were trying to comfort her. "I can't hear them. I can't hear them. I crumple to the floor." Her daughter had disappeared into a "Woolworth's drugstore" and died in a fire. We moved forward.

Some time later she is in a chair, looking out the window. She is in a mental hospital. Sad, overwhelmed with guilt and depression Blaming herself for her daughter's death. Her daughter was all she had in this world and she let her down by letting go of her hand. She cannot forgive herself and she has nothing to live for.

We move forward. She was on the floor of her kitchen with the oven door open- she had gassed herself. As she rose from her body towards the light, her daughter came to get her, surrounded by angels.

Well, you can imagine the healing we did with the SC: We worked on helping her let go of guilt in daughter's death. TO LET GO OF THINKING SHE CAN CONTROL ANYONE ELSE’S FATE. We also worked on the idea that "she can't save anyone," even at the ER. In her work at the ER, the SC said, just say prayers and be loving with all your patients. DON'T LEAVE THE ER. The SC said the work she is doing there is very important. SC emphasized...DON'T LEAVE THE ER.

The client seemed relieved that she had permission/an admonition, to stay at the hospital. She really loves her work. What I loved about this session, aside from the wonderful healing, was the date- 1968! I was alive and remember the riots well....My most recent life encounter! I did some preliminary research into fires, riots, Woolworths and Dr King’s death, but am not much of an investigator. Someday, maybe!

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