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Blueberries, Martians, and a Healing Temple

One of the things I love most about doing QHHT is the places we get to go: this is often back to a time when things were less technology-driven and more in tune with the natural world. Yesterday my client began the session with a magical, innocent time- running around through a pine forest looking for blueberries with her little brother and sister. Barefoot, in a simple white dress, she described the sunlight falling in patches through the very tall trees.

"We look for the blueberries bushes where there is sunlight." They carry the berries home to her stone house, in her apron and eat them with "some grains in a bowl." They live with their loving father, having been abandoned by their mother. The next scene sadly showed the father dead of an arrow in the back (an accident) being pulled in a wagon by a goat. "He was an enemy to no one," said his "daughter."

She leapfrogged at this point to a man's body at a celebration for the end of a war. She was a Martian Commander! She wore pointy shoes and had a belt around her waist with silver tools. A very distinct insignia made up of "triangles" was on her chest like a patch- and was also worn by on others in the "Council." They had to discuss how to approach going to earth to "help" without scaring everyone. The ships they travelled in were shaped like the insignias. She/he was a navigator and came to earth to meet with scientists: they landed the ship on "green rolling hills in the middle of nowhere- Britain, I think." Eventually, the ship was trapped- something went wrong with their technology and they were trapped on earth. She/he left her body and went to Source, "where we all go." She/he saw that the ship was still there today, buried under rubble, gravel, earth from a great flood. “No one will ever find it, so deeply buried it is in the hills.”

Once she was returned to source, I urged her to look for anyone greeting her. Her beloved "Gram" was there (her grandmother from this life), as was her best friend who died three years ago. It was wonderful to see her joy. Client has/had serious health problems- ascension symptoms, Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, weight gain, etc.- and so, ( I never miss an opportunity!) I suggested her friend and Gram might take her to a Healing Temple. Yup! She was taken by light beings/angels and placed on a table where they infused her with light. SC came through at the end and clarified much of the session. Same message over and over again at every session: NO FEAR. YOU ARE LOVED. ALL WILL BE WELL.

Just a beautiful session. Client stood tall when she left (she had been very bent and walking with a cane) and looked 20 years younger- pink and vigorous.

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