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A Nordic Commander on the Moon, a Brave Warrior, and Some Wonderful Healing!

A male client telephoned me in quite a rush to pin down an appointment for QHHT. He was very clear that he needed an appointment within a few days. Because he was almost five hours away by car, I urged him to look locally for a practitioner who might be able to see him on short notice. But no, he had already narrowed his choice of practitioner to two, and we were both very busy. I felt intuitively that I should re-arrange my schedule to see him and so we made an arrangement for him to come for a session the next week.

The client is a very dedicated nurse, an extremely talented musician/songwriter, and a student of all things esoteric. He experiences many “events” of intuition and foresight, but feels “stuck,” unable to act on his knowing.

After the induction, he came off the cloud and found himself on a grey planet with craters and rocks. He was a strong, in-charge man, a Nordic type (tall, blonde, blue-eyed), wearing white pants and shoes, with a golden armoured jacket with an insignia on chest. He is surrounded by a group of “Grays,” waiting for him to tell them what to do. There is one Gray standing next to him who is in charge, awaiting silent instructions.

Me: Are you a nice man?

Client: I am distant, but benevolent.

Me: What is your job?

Client: I am on the moon. My job is to clean up the edges of the Earth, to re-build Humanity.

Me: How are you going to do that from the Moon?

Client: People come to us. We guide them. People are confused; they feel as if something is changing, but they don’t know what. I show them which direction to go.

Me: How do you communicate?

Client: The people on Earth feel me; they feel the message. Telepathically. I influence them.

Me: So what instructions are you going to give the Grays?

Client: To go get the entities who have gone astray on Earth. Those with a negative influence need to be brought in.

We MOVE AHEAD in time to when this is happening.

Me: So where are you now? What is happening?

Client: I am inside the moon.

Me: Where are you on the moon? How do you get there?

Client: I just think it. No spaceship. Just think it. There are many hollow places which people operate from. I am in one of the hollow places. There are too many negative entities on the Earth still trying to influence those who are confused because of the shift.

Me: Is the shift about to happen? Are we talking about the future?

Client: No, the Shift has already happened, three years ago.

The client then described the groups of beings that he had rounded up from Earth to “contain” on the moon base. They are behind a kind of invisible wall which keeps them safely contained. I ask him to describe these beings.

Client: There are three groups of beings. Red and blue, gray. Malevolent beings. The gray ones have scales. Two hands, two feet. Red ones have fishbowl shaped heads and sharp ears. Yellow eyes. Sharp, pointed features. Sharp teeth. The blue ones are shorter, but similar. Round heads and sharp features. Blue ones live in the water. Red are surface dwellers. These three races enjoy the fear of humans. Their seed DNA is different from ours.

Me: Do they cloak themselves so they can move freely around the Earth? How do we not notice them?

Client: Humans can’t see them because humans are programmed not to see certain things.

Me: What kind of fear is happening on the planet? How do these beings create fear?

Client: Fear of pain, fear of the unknown. Things that will never happen, but they get people to fear what will never happen by using the media, visuals on television and the internet.

Me: How can humans protect themselves from these creatures?

Client: LOVE EVERYTHING. It’s very simple.

The client explained that humans should live in a state embodying LOVE at all times. Fearlessness IS love.

Client: We will send the creatures away to Saturn. Transport them in a clear, glass tetrahedron to the eye of Saturn, the vortex. Negative entities are often sent there. Once they are sent there, they can’t escape. I oversee the clean-up. My Grays help- not all Grays help.

I tried to move the client to another important day, but he LEAPFROGGED to battle field in Asia where he was riding across a field on a horse wearing battle gear.

Client: I am an important soldier. I have a small, stocky, sturdy horse. Not meant for speed, but strength. I am going to the West with an army. To clean up something. I’m not in charge, but I am in front. This is a caravan of fear to strike back at the West. I have a curved sword- short and wide with a ruby on handle. My sword is my friend. I’ve killed those who needed to go. My home is a grass hut. I have a wife and 3 children.

I care for her but I must stop the West from pushing East. All about duty. My deep feelings must be set aside. The family always cries when I leave. My wife is a strong woman and knows how to take care until I get back. We have fought them before. We fought the Greeks and the Romans.

Me: Let’s go to the battle.

Client: We are going to lose, so I decide to enjoy the night. We tell stories. I walk around the camp and talk to the men. I don’t tell them what I know. I pick some men to go back with messages to our people. The ones who need to live, so they can lead the next group that will have to fight.

Me: Are you afraid? Do you have a God you worship?

Client: No, I am not afraid. It must happen. I worship a blue God. I worship Krishna.

We are fighting Romans. I take an arrow in the left side of throat and fall off my horse. The man who shot the arrow gets off his horse and cuts me from my throat down to my groin. I don’t mind. Someone has to do it. I’ve always had to be the one to do it. Cleaning up the edges.

I feel myself elevating. Lifting up to the light. Bright, but not blinding. I see three figures in the distance.

I ask the three to come forward. One is an older male: gray beard, brown hair and eyes- he is called The Divinator- he is the one who knows and sends those to where they need to be in their next life. A director. This time we won’t work together- he will just send me.

The younger woman- is my present LOVE. She’s there to remind me why I fight. I need to protect those who don’t know from those who do while the shift happens. Give them time to process.

I take this moment to ask again about the Shift.

Client: Old ways of fear and division are passing away, but too many are fighting and confused and some are holding them back in fear. There’s always more light coming, but it takes time to cook the meal properly. Whatever people talk about most is what they will experience, and that is why they control the visuals. You can create your own heaven or hell. Focus on what you want. Amplify with others. We are all on track. The battle is already won, but some need to realize that it has already been won. If you have the right vibration you will always be safe. The shorter younger male- is my future son. He is standing next to his mother.

Me: Ask your future son if he has any advice for you?


I love that advice!

The young woman, the future mother of his son, then took him to a “resting place. He needs to stop struggling and rest. The battle is over. It has already been won.”

The resting place is a healing temple where three healers come to help him. One female being wears a white robe and has dark, purplish skin, with gold over her third eye chakra. Her name is Sheara. The next is also a female, similar in appearance. She is observing. She has a yellow stone at her heart chakra. Another is a male, black skin with a headdress and cat ears.

The healing was profound and complete. The client had multiple problems with a broken ankle which had not healed correctly, a heart problem and spinal scoliosis. He stood up after the session and felt no pain. This healing has continued and sustained.

Some nuggets from the SC:

“People need to stop observing the prison being around them and start removing the bricks one by one.”

“Helping one person is the same as saving thousands.” The SC urged all QHHT practitioners to understand this.

One brick at a time, every QHHT practitioner is doing just this. Right on!

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