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Am I Making This Up?

Am I making this up?

No, you are not.

That is the simple answer. During a “past life”regression, some clients can feel as if they are making up the images and settings. Others never hesitate for a second, tasting and feeling the total authenticity of their experience. I have also felt “imaginative” during parts of my own regressions, and practitioners and clients alike talk about this phenomenon. But the reason you are not making it up is probably not what you think it is. Take a moment now and consider what might be a new, and somewhat mind-blowing idea for many of us, including me: you cannot make up anything in your session because you do not have an imagination; you only have memories. What if everything that we have been “taught” about imagination is all wrong? We have been told that we create images out of some kind of well of creativity, and that some people have more of this creativity than others: but what if we are actually drawing from memories and experiences which are occurring in other lifetimes? What if all of these memories are filtered through our particular psyche, and the way we put these memories together is the creative act?

Ideas that completely shift my worldly paradigm intrigue me. Some ideas arrive like a lightening bolt of truth, forever changing our fundamental beliefs in an instant, while others arrive as questions to ponder over the course of a lifetime. For me, the idea that we do not actually have the capacity to “imagine” is one of these ideas.

There is a line in our QHHT script which tells us about the “part of the mind” we use in hypnosis, the part of the mind that “has the images and the memories.” This is the same part of the mind which gives us dreams. When I am having a dream, I am in a “threshold” state, in-between waking and sleeping. I know that I am not making up my sleeping dreams because they are so unexpected, have such a feeling of authenticity, and feel so much more “real” than “real” life itself. In the liminal state, hypnotised, or partially hypnotised, we have the ability to create a slide-show, or a movie, out of the pictures retrieved from this part of the mind. The mind, or “subconscious,” prepares these “dreams” as a gift for us each night to reflect for us what is going on in our “unconscious” mind.

What if, what we store in the unconscious is a unique combination at least three key aspects:

  1. Lives: past, parallel and future lives (time does not exist in a linear way),

  2. Me: our own individual “filter” based on who we are in this life and what we contracted to accomplish (perhaps including influences of the planets and stars?). and

  3. Bloodlines: Epigenetics is teaching us that memory can be inherited, and that traumas can actually be passed on from one generation to the next.

As these ideas I am writing about here are in the early stages of development, I have three aspects most obvious to me, but I know there are more. This is a work in progress.

When clients ask me if they “made up” their session stories, my best response is, “Well, if you could have made anything up, is that REALLY what you would have made up?” The answer is almost always, NO. This is a decent answer, but does not entirely satisfy either one of us.

Dolores Cannon always told us during classes that when her clients told her they were afraid they were just making up the images and experiences, she would just smile and say, "Go ahead and just keep making it up for me!" She knew the proof was in the healings and in the future lives the clients would live after the sessions. Last word, as always, to Dolores.

So clients, “Just keep making it up!”

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