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How to Remove Implants

When I was working with my guides before my client arrived, I was told that she had an implant in her heart which must be removed. I do not have experience with this specific kind of work (aside from asking for implants to be cleared), so I asked the guides how to do it. The response I got was, "We will remove the implant during the session." Oh good, I thought. Eezy, peezy! They will do it all!

Well, not quite so simple, but very wonderful nonetheless. When it came time to the healing time with her Higher Self, what we call the Subconscious, or SC...

Me: "I understand "Fiona" has an implant in her heart which needs to be removed. Has this been done yet?"

SC: "There is a lot of dark energy. She has to specifically ask/command that this energy be removed and then she has to ask/command that a protective barrier be set up around the area to protect it. Then the request has to be refreshed on a regular basis, for "Fiona" every two weeks for a while, but it might be more often or less for another. It has to be asked OUT LOUD by the person whose will it is. "Fiona" has to ask because it is her will and her body, her etheric body and SHE has to command that that be removed."

So here it is for ALL to use on themselves or on clients.

I, ..........(name) I call upon my guides and all the highest councils of the light; I call upon my supporters, my animal spirits, my soul group, my soul group supervisors, and I ask you to protect me for I now command through the power of my voice that any implants, blockages, interference patterns, negative entities, shadows, chips, strings and chords, be now removed from my .......(heart chakra, crown chakra, etc...fill in as necessary) and from anywhere else in my etheric body, my astral body, my spirit body, and my physical body, which is here against my will against my permission, and against my higher purpose. I now banish you from my energy field by the power of the most high. I surrender you to be transformed through love. Now I place protection as a golden barrier around (name), er etheric body her astral body, her spirit body and her physical body and mostly around (the are you have been working on specifically, if there is one). Nothing can penetrate this barrier without her permission and knowing and consent. By the highest council, such it will be and (client) will fulfill his/her purpose on this planet, beginning NOW.

Please feel free to cut and paste this for keeping! It is very effective: always in love and light.

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