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Joining the Human Race

The Interview: Client was a middle-aged man who had felt driven to “keep up his guard” for his entire life. The question which emerged during the interview was this: did this pattern begin with his father’s sexual abuse, or was it an overlay from another lifetime, or lifetimes? He had also felt driven to collect a large number of firearms, swords, and knives. He was not a hunter and had no real need for any of these weapons, and yet he felt compelled to collect them “in case he needed them someday.” He is a very loving father, who says “I would do anything for my kids.” As he grew into fatherhood, his need to protect and guard not only himself, but his family, grew stronger. Exhausted from this compulsion, the client said, ”I am exhausted. I am tired of fighting.” The disjunctive part of this statement was that he was not in a job that called for him to fight; he just saw every part of his life as a battle. The only job he ever felt “comfortable” in was when he was in the military earlier in his life, as part of an elite fighting group. Since then, despite hard work and much success, he has never been able to find a job in which he felt comfortable, or a community in which he felt integral and “safe;” one where he could let down his guard.

First Life: Client came down through a canopy of trees into the forest. He was a young Native American man, walking through the woods as he returned to his village. He had a wife he loved and a community in which he felt perfectly at ease. Everyone had a job and contributed to the life of the village as a whole. His job was to hunt for food, which he contributed to the village. We went through this rather “uneventful” life all the way to the end: he married, watched his wife give birth, raised children, watched his wife die of old age, and then he died of old age, surrounded by a large number of children and grandchildren. The purpose and lesson of his life was to know what it felt like to live in harmony and peace within a community of like-minded, kind people.

Second life: Client found himself in a spaceship where he was a commander, wearing a dark blue uniform with silver epaulets on the shoulders. He was a tall frog, standing on two bare feet, green skin. (I have encountered these fellows on any number of occasions, and I find the brown frogs to be a nicer race of beings than the impersonal, cool green fellows!). His job was to travel back and forth between his planet and Earth, where he drilled for minerals. He did not know the name of the mineral he was collecting, but he would take the chunks of dirt back to a factory on his planet and workers would use the mineral to fuel their energy systems.

The frog was without any emotions. When I asked about family, friends, leisure activities, all he would reply was, “Those are human feelings and needs. I don’t have them.” He lived in a barracks and cheerlessly ate a tasteless brown mush for all his meals. Eventually, he died when his ship crashed into the Earth during a mission. Interestingly, he said that he saw no structures built on the planet, no people at all. So this life may have taken place long before even the root races arrived, or perhaps in between. The purpose and lesson of his life was to know what it felt like to live completely and totally cut off from community and “human” contact. To be like a drone in a machine that just does its job, with no other purpose than to simply follow orders for a system you may not believe in or understand.

Third life: Client found himself walking down a busy city street with his “beautiful wife” by his side. Even though her coloring is completely different, she is blonde-haired, he recognizes her right away as the same wife from the Native American life, and “knows” that she is also his present day wife. They are very prosperous and well-dressed: he wears a suit and she wears a “fancy” dress. They are on their way to a dinner at his club. There are horse-drawn carriages on the street, but they choose to walk, as they live close by the club to which they are going. They are not with them, but the client says that they have a young son and daughter at home.

They arrive at the party and it is full of celebrated and successful men, along with their wives. Client says it is probably London or Paris, judging by the scenery and the way everyone is dressed. They enjoy a lovely evening and head home by foot. I ask the client to move ahead in time to when they get home so that we can explore their living space. “But we never make it home,” said the client. “We are attacked by dirty men who take our money and murder us.” So with the suggestion that he will be seeing this scene as an observer, so as not to experience any physical discomfort, I asked the client to go to the moment when they are approached by the thieves.

“They are filthy dirty and dressed in rags. They are carrying knives and guns. It all happens so fast. I give them my money, but they just start stabbing my wife. She dies first. Then they stab me in the chest and all over. They shoot us too, even though I think we are already dead.”

Their souls leave their bodies together and they travel to “the light.” When they arrive there, I suggest that we will meet a guide who will be able to heal the trauma from their wounds and help us to understand the purpose and lesson of the life/lives. Another option would have been to go straight to speak with the subconscious, but my instinct told me that this particular client- who was eager to meet a guide- would do better with dialogue. Sure enough, a older man with a beard came right away and identified himself as the client’s guide. We asked what the purpose and meaning of this life had been and he said, “To experience joy and to learn that some events are planned ahead of time and inevitable. The parents had agreed to die at this time so that their children could experience what it is like to lose both parents early in life. Everyone had agreed in their life planning that this violent event would occur. He needed to see that. It was inevitable and it was agreed on. No amount of being careful or planning protection would have saved them.” We asked to the guide to take the couple to a healing place where any traumas from this lifetime and the other lifetimes could be healed. While this was occurring, I reached the client’s subconscious and we began to discuss all of the lives. I will not transcribe all we discussed, but I will hit some highlights.

“Client needed to see what it felt like to be a happy part of a community (first life). Everyone is happy in their work and in their family; it all blends together. No “us” and “them.” In the second life, he needed to see what it was like to be completely devoid of any feeling of community. You do what you do because you have been ordered to do it. There was no joy in that life. In the third life, he needed to experience fate. What looks like a violent end, or an accident, can actually be a plan.” We worked on forgiveness of the thieves and clarified that they were simply playing a role. Clearly, this explained why the client had been feeling so on guard his whole life and why he collected guns and knives. He was afraid this incident might repeat, even right down to being married now to the same soul. The SC explained that the client would now be able to move forward in a much more accepting and relaxed way, not having to keep his guard up for fear of being attacked and murdered.

When I asked for a final message for the client, the SC said, “Learn to love and get along with your community the way you love your immediate family now.” Client left feeling much “lighter,” as if a heavy weight had been lifted. I found this to be a very moving session, with a really clear progression of lives that taught the lessons of community and trust in a beautiful way.

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