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From Sand to Stardust...

One of those sessions where everything went according to the book... :-) Client, a cheerful and spiritually-minded 40 year old woman, single and childless by choice. IBS problems but mostly came to the session to know her next step and spiritual development. Had always felt as if she "didn't belong here" (sound familiar?) and does not really fit in with other people as "they are too mean." Feels as if she is from another planet. She came off the cloud easily and began her lives as the "shoreline" on the beach. She thought at first she was a particle of sand, and she was, but more importantly she said she was part of a group soul which made up the beach's shoreline. All she could do was look up at the changing sky and feel the movement of the water, but this was enough to make her feel worthwhile and ecstatic. The beautiful part was that she was SO HAPPY feeling and seeing, and being an individual, but also being a part of a group simultaneously, knowing she belonged. Next life she was a huge mountain man, living alone in a cave high in the mountains, looking down on a village with a temple. She thought maybe Thailand or part of the Mongol era. Big bushy, "wooly" black beard and coarse clothing, sitting by a fire and "ripping meat off a bone." She/he watched from this high vantage point in case there was trouble it was her job to go help. She went running out of the cave to go to the temple on fire. She had a huge sword in her hands and felt enormously powerful...She got down to the village and helped save the temple, feeling very happy to have done the job well. She then went back up to her cave to take up her job watching again from the mountain. Prompted to go to the next important day, she leapfrogged to a wedding in which she was the young bride in a "Medieval" castle. Wearing a lacy white gown and a cone-shaped hat, she married a grumpy knight who wouldn't even look at her! He wanted to get back to battle. She was so pleased and happy to have been chosen by the family as his wife. Village was celebrating, rejoicing. Long story short, we moved forward through a typical life- baby boy born making the husband very, very happy. A delightful life followed for 8 years until the day when the father brought the son home in his arms dead- trampled by a horse after falling out of a tree. After that, no more children and in the following years the husband stopped coming home and drank in taverns in the village. The young woman had made her entire life and happiness dependent on her husband and son, and without them, she was wholly lost in grief. The very sad and lonely wife ended up stabbing herself in the belly to commit suicide. She took a long time to die and bled all over the floor of her room. As her soul flew out of the body, she went straight up into outer space, running from the earth as fast as possible. She couldn't wait to be "free" of earthly cares and worries. She burst into a million pieces and became "stardust" of sorts- a particle of space. Again the bliss of independence, "I witness and I am witnessed," but also the bliss of being part of a larger being. This was exactly how she described her life as the sand in the shoreline, and so I knew these two lives bookended her session. We explored purpose and what she learned, etc. and I connected her IBS to the stabbing of her stomach. This life explained the client's not wanting children (too painful) and the trapped trauma in her belly. We released these both through direct intention and then through the Silver River meditation. As I was talking to her about her belly, I could hear Dolores saying, "We don't need this anymore, do we?" in that coaxing voice she had :-) When the SC came in, they explained that the client was shown these two extremes of lives, one of total independence (mountain man), and one of total dependence, wife/mother, so that she could see she had lived the extremes and the purpose of her life now was to find balance. To live on earth as a spiritual being not wholly independent or wholly dependent. The client loved the imaginative way her SC had shown her the lives. Me too. ;-)

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